Search Party (Special Edition)

by Counterfeit i

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    The Special Edition version of the Search Party EP features an acoustic version of "Atlantis" and a 10-part photo series.
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released October 5, 2010


all rights reserved



Counterfeit i Chicago

The experimenting children of NIN, Mogwai, and Thrice. New EP out now!

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Track Name: Atlantis
Atlantis lies ahead
Somewhere waiting patiently
Under the sea
Calling, haunting me

What once was
What must be

Yet, the clocks can’t turn backwards
And the earth revolve in reverse
Still, we search
For the times of old
The clocks of gold

Somewhere under the sea
Calling, haunting me
Track Name: Circling Damascus
Walking in circles

Downcast, we wait
With our backs turned, our eyes clenched shut
Wondering why there have been no signs.
Losing patience
We lock our doors and we turn off the lights
Further hindering our sight.

We do not perceive
the very thing we seek.
We predict what we will see
And become consumed in auguries,
Which cover the blinding light
Of the desired signs.

We do not perceive
the very thing we seek.

Knocking at a deaf man’s door
Waving to a blind man
Speaking to the comatose
Waiting in Damascus.
Track Name: The Holy Grail
I’ve climbed mountains
Swam across the seas
Followed a winding trail.
I’ve begged the nobles
And searched for leads
But to no avail.

I want to be something
I want to be someone,
But all that’s under this red armor
Is just a Welsh undergarment.

Oh my God, where are You leading me?
For I cannot see.
Oh my God, where are You leading me?
For I cannot see.

I’ve traded everything.

Where should I go?
Oh, take the lead.
Take away my fears
And show me
Who I’m supposed to be.
Track Name: 2:41 (I)
Pitch black, sleepless dreams,
And muses singing

The harmonies envelop me
Capture all of me
And bring me to my feet

Where can I find you?

Now I can see the sound
Glistening and vivid lights
So bright I fix my eyes
So bright I fix my eyes
And I follow…
Track Name: The Dissipation/Nil (II)
And now, I’ve lost everything.
I traded it all
For a taste of immortality.
So brief, quick to leave
Like smoke
It’s faded away
But the smell still haunts me.

Swollen sense

What is this?
What is this?

It’s nothing.